Electronics Relocation Consultation

Video Overseas Will Make Your International Move as Gentle as an Ocean Breeze

Nothing seems more daunting than the idea of moving overseas. There are the big concerns, like finding a school for the kids and integrating into unfamiliar territory. Then there are the logistical ones, like making your American appliances and electronics work with the voltage standards used in your new country. 

Video Overseas is an industry leader when it comes to helping companies, individuals, and families with the important, logistical pieces of the relocation puzzle. Here’s how we can help:

  • Video Overseas sells American-market appliances and electronics that will operate on the 220-240 volts standard common throughout much of the world. We also sell USA-made ACUPWR premium step up and step down voltage transformers that allow you to convert appliances using 110-120 volts to the voltage standards in other countries, thus allowing you to bring your current appliances with you
  • We collaborate with human resource departments to help employees make smooth transitions to their new locales
  • Expert advice is our specialty! Not sure what type of voltage transformer you need? Curious what a voltage stabilizer and global surge protector does? We here to answer all of your questions
  • Video Overseas will analyze your relocation needs and devise a plan that includes choosing the transformers, plug adapters, and all equipment necessary for your move
  • All appliances and devices are tested before shipment
  • We offer customers the total solution for all their relocation needs
  • Confused about the different broadcast and video encoding standards used throughout the world? Video overseas will explain options so you can use your particular television and DVD player throughout the world

At Video Overseas, we’ll show you how you can save thousands of dollars by using your existing products abroad with a voltage transformer, or, we can sell you the kind of American appliance you’re accustomed to but wired to run on 220-240 volts.

Call us at 212-645-0797 or email us at sales@avony.com , and start to make your move easier.