1500-Watt Step Up/Step Down Voltage Transformer - Use 127-130-Volt Appliances in 220-240-Volt Countries, Vice-Versa – AS-1500EUD


ACUPWR’s AS-1500EUD step up/step down voltage transformer converts 127-130 volts to 220-240 volts, and vice-versa, thereby allowing appliances and electronics that require 127-130 volts to work in countries and regions using a voltage standard of 220-240 volts. Countries using the 127-130-volt standard are Bonaire, Brazil, Curacao, Mexico, and Surinam.


Rated for 1500 watts/volt amps, the AS-1500EUD offers a great solution for using a particular appliance or electronic device (rated for either 127-130-volt or 220-240-volt operation) throughout Brazil, where the voltage standard can be either 127-130 volts or 220-240 volts depending on city and region. For Brazilian expats to Portugal (a country using the 220-240-volt standard) and vice-versa, the AS-1500EUD bridges the voltage gap between Brazil, Mexico and the many countries using the 220-240-volt standard.


The AS-1500EUD comes with a NEMA 5-15R Type B power output and an IEC C13 receptacle for use with a C14 power cord and any type of input plug. 


The ACUPWR AS-EUD series is also available in the following wattage sizes:


500 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-500EUD model) 

750 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-750EUD model)

1000 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-1000EUD model)

1800 Watts/Volt Amps (the AS-1800EUD model)


[Not sure how many watts your ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter should be? Consult our Which Voltage Transformer/Converter Do I Need? 

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