2000 Watt Voltage Stabilizer Line Conditioner for 220Volt Countries- VS-2420


The ACUPWR Voltage stabilizer VS-2420 is just what you need to help protect your appliances and gadgets from damage caused due to power surges which occurs often in 220Volt countries. These automatic voltage stabilization systems offer you complete protection from brownouts, over voltages and transient surges. These stabilizers are efficient for computers, printers, fax machines, and more. They feature transformer-based voltage correction circuits that maintain usable 220-240V nominal AC output during brownouts as low as 168V and over voltages to 278V. 

The stabilizers offer network-grade equipment protection. They supports heavy loads up to 2000 watts, and includes 4 NEMA5-15R outlets, a line cord and diagnostic LEDs that show you the incoming voltage level, surge protection status and line fault conditions, keeping you up-to-date with the current status of your circuit.

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Type: Voltage Stabilizer

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