500-Watt Step Up/Step Down Voltage Transformer - Use 100 volt Appliances and Electronics in 220-240-Volt Countries (and Vice Versa) - AJ-500EUD


ACUPWR’s AJ-500EUD step up/step down voltage transformer converts 100 volts to 230 volts, and vice-versa, thereby allowing 100-volt appliances (designed to used in Japan) to be used in countries in 230-volt countries, and 230-volt appliances to work seamlessly in Japan. All transformers come with a NEMA 5-15R Type B power output and an IEC C13 receptacle for use with a C14 power cord and any type of input plug. 

[Not sure how many watts your ACUPWR voltage transformer/converter should be? Consult our Which Voltage Transformer/Converter Do I Need?  page.]


Why You’ll Love It

American-Made Quality

The AJ-500EUD and all ACUPWR voltage transformers are manufactured in the USA with premium components that include copper wiring and silicon steel cores. All of our products are assembled by hand and bench-tested well beyond their stated wattage to ensure safety, reliability, and years of service.


No Two-Times-the-Wattage Rule!

With ACUPWR voltage transformers, there’s no need to buy a transformer with more wattage capability than you need. Our products work continuously as stated in their wattage. Unbelievably, you can’t do this with our competitors; the rule of thumb when buying a foreign-manufactured voltage transformer is to buy two-times the wattage you actually need. Therefore, if your microwave requires 500 watts, our competitors will suggest buying 1000 watts. Why? Because the transformer they actually label as “500 Watts” will stop working well before it reaches its wattage limit due to poor construction and quality. With ACUPWR, you can buy what you need!


Thermal Protection

The ACUPWR AJ-500EUD and all other ACUPWR transformers use a thermal protection circuit that detects excessive heat caused by an overload. The circuit automatically turns off the transformer and restarts the unit when it has returned to normal operating temperature.  

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