ACUPWR Global Surge Protector


The ACUPWR Surge Protectors will ensure economical AC surge suppression for full protection of 100-240V appliances such as Desktop PCs, Laptops, XBOX, Play Station, sensitive electronic devices, and much more.

The product features built-in AC surge suppression that effectively shields connected equipment from all kinds of internal problems, and even prevents line noise.

Comes with 6 universal outlets and a 4 ft AC line cord.

Good for worldwide use!

The AC suppression of the product is rated at 750 AC.

The surge protector features a lighted on/off switch with integrated circuit breaker to provide power control over connected equipment.

The right-angle outlets help keep connected cords from blocking adjacent outlets. Acupwr products come with a lifetime worldwide warranty with all its products.

Acupwr Global Surge Protectors are Designed and Manufactured using the finest materials and engineering.

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Type: Surge Protector

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